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Registered Charity

Supporting Holy Ascension Orthodox Church













Our parish survives by what our parishioners and friends contribute. If our work is important to you, and you are able, please consider giving through your time, labours, abilities, or resources.

If you are able to donate financially to our parish, the easiest way is direct deposit:

BSB: 033134

Account: 321425

Name: Holy Ascension Orthodox Mission

Reference [suggested]: Donation Name


If you would prefer to donate your time, labours or abilities to our parish, or would like to know more, please read on.


Stewardship is the spiritual discipline of looking at the gifts that God has bestowed upon us, prayerfully considering His abundant mercy, and returning to God a portion of these gifts in thanksgiving. Our Lord, God, and Saviour, Jesus Christ, commands us to, “lay up for yourselves treasures in Heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break through nor steal” (Matthew 6: 20).

This personal sacrifice of material things toward the spiritual has been a fundamental part of the life of the People of God for millennia, as recorded in Genesis and continues to be so today in the New Testament Church. By donating towards the upkeep of the Temple, we give honour to our Creator and we remind ourselves that in truth, nothing in this world belongs to us, but that we are merely custodians of it for a short time until we leave this world.

The gifts that are given are generally in three types:

  • Treasure (financial or material donations),

  • Time, and

  • Talents (abilities)


Each of these are able to be returned to conduct God’s work and to serve in His Name.

We ask that each parishioner (along with any person who wishes to support our work) considers the gifts that God has given them, and to respond appropriately. Below are some suggestions on how this can occur:


If you are in the financial position to give money to Holy Ascension Orthodox Church, there are 3 easy ways of doing so:


(1) Electronic Funds Transfer

You are able to set up an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) with your bank account on a regular basis (eg: weekly or monthly). We find that this is a convenient way for people to ensure that they have cared for our church without needing to consciously remember – and without needing to carry cash.

  • BSB: 033134

  • Account: 321425

  • Name: Holy Ascension Orthodox Mission

  • Reference: we suggest Steward/Donation [name].

(2) In Person

You can donate to our Mission via cash or cheque (made out to: Holy Ascension Orthodox Mission), during opening hours.

(3) Purchases

Sometimes, there are purchases that our church needs to undertake, and people sometimes wish to purchase these for Holy Ascension as part of their contribution. Please speak to the clergy if you wish to donate in this way.

You can also sponsor expenses to help Holy Ascension continue functioning:

  • Wine for use in Holy Communion (~$25/bottle)

  • Incense & Charcoal (~$100 p.a.)

  • Oil (~$100 p.a.)

  • Candles (~$500 p.a.)

  • Church Website (~$350 p.a.)

  • Travel to Diocesan conferences and events (Total is ~$1500 p.a.)

  • Utilities (~$1800 p.a.)

  • Insurance (~$800 p.a.)

  • Contribute towards Choir expenses

  • Contribute towards Library expenses

  • Sponsoring the Flowers for the beautification of the church                                                                                                           

  • Sponsoring Fellowship Refreshments

  • Ink Toner (~$1500 p.a.)


    Supplementing the priest’s stipend:

  • Paypal (go to PayPal and select personal, NOT business) 

  • Container Deposit Scheme: Donate your eligible containers. Please bring containers in large rubbish bags to the church and leave them in the multi-purpose room.


Time and Talent

At Holy Ascension, we have areas where we are in need of assistance from people who can contribute either their spare time or their expertise, including:


  • Baking Prosphora

  • Cleaning up after Fellowship

  • Cleaning before/after Services

  • Maintenance of church premises

  • Printing/Photocopying service books, brochures and other Holy Ascension publications



  • Singing in the choir

  • Candle Curator

  • Sewing vestments and furnishings (eg: covers for altars, tables and icon stands)

  • Graphic Design

  • Applications for Grants

  • Fundraising


Do you have a talent that we haven’t mentioned? We’d love to hear your idea! Please let the clergy know.

In accordance with Orthodox Christian Tradition, we commemorate the names of all benefactors during every Divine Liturgy, or where appropriate, in perpetuity.

You may also download this Booklet (revised 7/7/23) which explains Holy Ascension's needs in greater detail:













Holy Ascension Orthodox Church is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC)









Donations, Tithes, Regular Giving

You can make an online direct deposit:


  • BSB: 033134

  • Account: 321425

  • Name: Holy Ascension Orthodox Mission

  • Reference: we suggest Tithe/Donation [name].


We are not a tax-deductible entity at the moment and therefore are unable to issue tax-deductible receipts. However, you might be able to legally offset your pledge against your gross income by salary sacrificing [involving your employer giving a fringe benefit, thus reducing your taxable income]. Please speak to your employer and accountant if you wish to enact such an arrangement.

Holy Ascension needs an identifiable, visible presence within inner Melbourne with a building suitable for those wishing to worship with us. Should you desire and be in a position where you know of premises that may be made available to us as our new, permanent church and place of worship within inner Melbourne, please contact us.

Holy Ascension Orthodox Christian Mission Centre is incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act (1981) of Victoria as a non-profit organisation.

Thank you for assisting the Holy Ascension Orthodox Church in this noble and God-pleasing endeavour.

You Will Lack Nothing
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