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Catechism course for newcomers and potential candidates for baptism.

News & Reminders

(1) Catechism Course Tuesdays from 6:30-8pm

Weekly lessons (7 sessions in total)

Full Schedule Here

(2) Making of Catechumens

The service of the Making of Catechumens will take place on Sunday 3 March

after the Divine Liturgy.

(3) Baptisms

Baptisms will take place on Saturday 23 March at 11AM.



(4) Baptism Checklist

Catechumens will need a number of items for their baptism.

If you need help sourcing items, please have a chat with Fr Kyril.

Download Baptism Checklist PDF here

(5) Baptismal Names & Choosing Sponsors

Please remember to choose a name for your baptism, if you are not going with the one you already have.

Please remember to choose a sponsor for your baptism. Most of our parishioners will be happy to become your sponsor. But there may be a few people who might decline. Please do not be offended by this. It just means that they are already sponsors to a number of others before you. It is not advisable for one person to be a sponsor of too many people.

If you are having difficulty with choosing a baptismal name and/or sponsor please let Fr Kyril know.


Catechism Resources & Introductions to Orthodox Christianity

Holy Ascension Orthodox Mission Catechism 

Catechism Volume 1

Catechism Volume 2

Lesson 11: The Divine Services

Lesson 12: Ordination & Monasticism (Clergy Vestments)

Lesson 13: The Service of Preparation (Proskomede) Before the Divine Liturgy




 - Brief Introduction to Orthodox Christianity


- Church Etiquette

- Confession

- Deification (Theosis)

- Divine Liturgy

- Fasting & Feasting (Old Julian Calendar)

- Frequent Communion

- How Do I Live As An Orthodox Christian?

- In Peace, Let Us Pray to the Lord

- Orthodox On Purpose

- Practical Aspects of Confession

- Orthodox Prayer Corner at Home

- Rules for a Pious Life

- What Announcement Did Jesus Make to Mankind?

- Why Fasting?

- 8 Things I Wish I'd Known About Orthodox Christianity

- 10 Things Orthodox Christians Would Like You to Know


- Welcome to the Orthodox Church

- How to Become an Orthodox Christian

- The Manners of the Christians

- I Have No Orthodox Church Near Me

- I Don't Like Orthodox People Online

- The Sign of the Cross

- How Not to Confess Your Sins

- Conversion as an Underwhelming Experience

- Habitual Sin & Spiritual Ambition

- Bad Reasons to Convert to Orthodox Christianity

- The Life of an Orthodox Christian


- Church Etiquette

- Links to Freely Available Orthodox Christian Catechisms

- Essential Orthodox Christian Beliefs

- Orthodox Catechism

- Orthodox Prayers

- Orthodox Spirituality

- The 10 Point Program for Living an Orthodox Christian Life

- A Selection of Orthodox Christian Youtube Channels

Service Texts & Prayer Books

Morning & Evening Prayers

Preparation for Holy Communion (Pre-Communion Prayers)

Thanksgiving Prayers after Holy Communion (Post-Communion Prayers)

Mission Unabridged Prayer Book

Services of Baptism (Includes Making of Catechumen)

Resources for Neophytes (Newly-Baptised)

Lessons from a Newly-Baptised English Author

Seeking after Visions & Spiritual Zeal

Living Online Does Not Constitute A Spiritual Way of Life 

False Ideas & Wrong Attitudes



Social Media

Internet, Social Media & Amateur e-Theologians

Jack-Hermans Overseas Trip 2022-2023

A Note on Extremism, Territorialism...etc

The Church was founded for the salvation of mankind. It does not have a party other than Christ. It does not engage in propaganda, and furthermore, strives to avoid being used in the service of propaganda.


Holy Ascension does not promote the agenda of any nation or any ethnicity or any political ideologies. Nor are we involved in projecting the “soft (or sharp) power” of any so-called “Orthodox mother country.” We are just a small community wanting to worship God as brothers and sisters in Christ in a language we understand, without pushing any ethnic agendas or political ideologies on each other. 

At the same time, we bemoan the political polarization of society, of the world at large, and within the Orthodox Church. We call all to remember that we are created, each of us without exception, in the image and likeness of God. We also strongly condemn conspiracism, extremism, fundamentalism, nationalism and irridentism, and call to repentance those who would perpetrate acts of violence or hatred.

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