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Baptism in the Orthodox Church is by full immersion.


It is customary to take an Orthodox Christian name at baptism. Only one name is given to the newly-baptised person. The name should be of a saint in the Orthodox calendar who is of the same gender as the candidate for baptism. The name should be one in common use.


To avoid misunderstanding, confusion and disappointment, those desiring to be married at Holy Ascension should discuss the requirements for marriage with the priest at the earliest opportunity. Some general information is set out below.   Before any date is set for a wedding, the couple must speak to the priest. There are many days in which weddings are not normally performed, and printing wedding invitations prior to confirming the date of the wedding will not constitute such an emergency.

Wedding Cana.jpg

Only Baptised and Chrismated Orthodox Christians who have prepared by fasting, prayer, and recent Confession may receive Holy Communion at Holy Ascension.


Receiving Holy Communion is a very serious matter, as both Sacred Scripture and Holy Tradition make clear. We believe that the Eucharist is the Body and Blood of Christ, and that by partaking of Holy Communion we are united with Christ, and with one another in a unity of the Orthodox Faith. 

Holy Eucharist
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